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Types of Amplifiers

We sell a range of different amps for different applications. Below we’ve listed the main categories with a brief explanation of what their intended use is...

Electric Guitar Amps

Electric Guitars are designed to work with an electric guitar amp (you will barely be able to hear it otherwise!). Whether you’re after a nice clean tone or a crunchy overdrive, a combo or head, valve, solid state or digital modelling amp, we’ve got a range of electric guitar amps to suit your needs.

Acoustic Guitar Amps

Although acoustic guitars are designed to be played without the need for any amplification, an acoustic guitar amp will give you lots more oomph if you’re playing to more than just a few people. Often featuring mic as well as guitar inputs, acoustic amps are designed to accurately reflect the range of frequencies produced by an acoustic guitar.

Bass Guitar Amps

If you play bass, you need a bass guitar amp. These are specifically designed to amplify the sorts of lower frequencies that bass guitars produce, and generally feature larger speakers to handle the power required to move enough air to make sure your sounds are heard!

Keyboard Amps

Keyboard amps are designed to accurately amplify the huge range of tones that are produced by modern keyboards, and can even handle any rhythms or accompaniments that the keyboard produces.

Drum Amps

With electronic drum kits becoming increasingly popular, a demand has arisen for dedicated drum amps to be able to accurately portray the range of sounds produced by these beasts. A drum amp will mean you can play your electronic drum kit without headphones more like an acoustic drum kit (neighbours be damned!).