Takamine have revealed this year's LTD model, and it might just be the most stunning one to date! Read More

Casio have launched their brand new Privia range with a whole load of cool new features and a slick new design! Read More
Fender Jimmy Page Telecasters

Fender have launched two brand new Telecasters with the legendary Jimmy Page - check them out here! Read More

With its offset body, unique pickup configuration and roasted maple neck, the Powercaster will add some muscle to your music. Read More

Fender launch the slick & unique Sixty-Six model for their Alternate Reality series - check it out here. Read More

The Fender Meteora returns, this time in a more affordable package with 3 new finishes! Check them out here. Read More

The American Acoustasonic Telecaster represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation. Find out more Read More

Roland introduce the TM-1, a trigger module that makes it easy to expand the sounds of your acoustic drum kit! Read More

Roland have launched their brand new entry-level FP-10 Digital Piano ahead of NAMM! Find out more about it here. Read More

Yamaha launch the Shuriken, an Artist-designed Signature Variax Guitar with custom features and new premium finishes. Read More

For NAMM 2019, Yamaha have introduced some brand new models to feast your eyes upon. Check them out here! Read More

The latest from Line 6's compact guitar wireless system range, the G10S, has launched at NAMM! Read More
Blackstar Studio 10

Blackstar have blessed us with three brand new amps influenced by history’s most iconic amplifiers. Find out more here! Read More

Aston have announced their latest microphone - the Aston Stealth, ahead of NAMM! Check it out here. Read More

All-new limited edition models from VOX featuring Warehouse Guitar Speakers! Check them out here. Read More

Korg have launched four super cool new neon-coloured models of their KROSS workstation. Check them out here. Read More

Yamaha launch their brand new CP models ahead of the NAMM show next week! Check them out here. Read More
Meet The Three New 2019 SE Signature Guitars

PRS have launched three new SE signature guitars that we're really excited for! Check them out here. Read More

Vox launch the newest model in the VX range with the VX15 GT ahead of NAMM 2019! Read More

Adorned with the classic Union Jack.A celebration of British heritage in both looks & sound. Check it out here. Read More
Korg Volca Modular NAMM 2019

A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before. Read More
Korg Volca Drum NAMM 2019

The Volca Drum joins the volca kick and beats as the third, and most unique, drum synth in the volca lineup. Read More
Korg Minilogue XD NAMM 2019

Korg have launched the latest in the amazing minilogue series, the XD - check out out here. Read More


Apart from making a big difference to how the guitar looks, different types of wood can feel quite different when you're actually playing on them. Read More
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