Line 6 have just announced their latest addition to the POD family, the Line 6 PODGO! Read More
PRS have launched The 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 to mark their 35th year of crafting amazing guitars! Read More
Have we mentioned NAMM 2020 yet? Yamaha have just announced new additions to their nylon string guitar range! Read More
We've said this before but, Gibson and Slash, it's a duo that just makes sense! Read More
Martin have announced some new additions to their Martin 16 series. Read More
A little something from the world of Fender oddity, the Parallel Universe II series! Check them out here! Read More
Not content with the pile of new guitars on offer, Fender are also announcing a few new amplifiers at the NAMM 2020 show! Read More
Something of a curve ball from Fender, the NAMM 2020 Show brings them introduction of the Fender Fullerton Ukuleles. Read More
With NAMM 2020 less than 24 hours away, Fender have just dropped a bombshell! Introducting the Fender American Acoustasonic Stratocaster. Read More
The Boss Katana series is one of the most successful digital amplifier on the market. NAMM 2020 brings us the latest in the line, the Boss Artist MkII. Read More
Roland's RD series is renowned by professional player around the world. Now, with the RD-88, Roland have created a more portable and affordable version of their iconic instrument. Read More
A little something for the drummers! Roland announce the new TD-27KV V-Drums Drumkit as part of the 2020 NAMM releases! Read More
Roland's new A-88MkII takes MIDI Keyboard Controllers to a whole new level. Read More
Roland's new GO:LIVECAST has made it easier than ever to get your quality content out to the masses. Read More
The new VALVENERGY series offers four effect pedals that provide the response and harmonic distortion of a tube amp. Read More
Now is your opportunity to own one of the most sought after and coveted instruments from the vintage synthesizer era! Read More
Yamaha presents the YC61 – the Japanese manufacturer’s first stage keyboard with drawbars. Check it out here! Read More
The VOX Starstream Bass with a lightweight design and short scale is now available at an affordable price! Read More
Back to the British Invasion - Introducing the Bobcat V90 and Bobcat S66, semi-hollow guitars with a vintage feel! Read More
KORG have launched their brand new i3, a keyboard that puts the workstation life within reach of those just looking to dip their toe in. Read More
What do you get when you combine the classic VOX amp look with Bluetooth audio technology? The Mini Superbeetle Audio! Read More
Hey DJ's - are you sick of wrecking your headphones (and hearing) by having to constantly bend one side off of your ear? Read More
KORG have launched an update to one of their classics, the SV-1, with the appropriately titled SV-2! Read More
KORG have blessed us with yet another mind-bogglingly good re-imagining of a classic, the legendary wavestation. Read More
VOX have launched their brand new Cambridge50 Amp ahead of Winter NAMM next week, and you can find out all about it here! Read More

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