24 Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

If you’re not a guitarist yourself, it may seem difficult to choose a gift that they’ll really like. But I’m going to let you into a secret: it’s actually really easy. They basically want anything to do with playing guitar. And even if they have something already, they want another one. Think about it: you’re a guitarist, you’ve got a guitar stand, and someone gives you another guitar stand for Christmas. Bingo! An excuse to buy another guitar.

We’ve chosen to select 24 gifts just in case the extremely generous amongst you fancied buying everything and constructing an enormous guitarist’s advent calendar in your garden. Will that be you? Only you can decide…

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1: Vox Amplug Guitar Headphone Amp - £35
This little beauty plugs straight into your guitar and lets you play through headphones with a range of classic Vox amp tones.

2: Fender Guitar Strap - £14.99
Comfortably padded and with classic Fender styling, this strap will help the guitarist in your life not drop and ruin their most treasured possession.

3. Tanglewood Clip-on Tuner - £17.95
With a simple “traffic light” to indicate whether the instrument is in tune, this clip-on tuner will ensure your loved one isn’t driving you mad with their atonal twanging.

24 Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

4. Palmer Pedalbay Pedal Board and Case - £37.50
Guitar effects pedals are like Pokemon; you are contractually obliged to catch ‘em all. This pedal board keeps them all in one place and makes transporting them easy.

5. Planet Waves Tuner and Capo - £39.99
Can’t decide whether to buy them a tuner or a capo? Buy them both!

6. Planet Waves Pro-Winder - £12.99
This unassuming gadget is a vital tool in any guitarist’s arsenal as it makes replacing strings a complete breeze.

7. Planet Waves Guitar Dock - £29.99
Does your loved one keep leaving guitars dangerously propped against tables and then shouting at you when you knock them over? Get them one of these.

8. Planet Waves Hand Exerciser - £15.99
Playing guitar is a surprisingly strenuous activity and requires a lot of strength in the fretting hand. This little guy will help them build up strength in their hand even when away from their beloved guitar.

24 Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

9. D’Addario Acoustic Guitar Gift Box - £29.99
An ideal present for the acoustic guitar player in your life, this gift box includes a set of strings, a string winder / clipper, and a clip-on tuner (available in string gauges 11 or 12).

10. D’Addario Electric Guitar Care Pack - £22.99
Rather than getting jealous that they care more for their electric guitar than they care about you, just encourage them by getting them this all-in-one care pack (available in string gauges 9 and 10).

11. Snark Clip-on Tuner - £14.99
Our best-selling guitar tuner, the Snark is compact, accurate and just works.

12. Kinsman Guitar Wall-Hanger - £9.99
Tired of guitars littering the floor? Get them one or more of these and they’ll be able to hang them on the wall like the works of art that they are.

13. Kinsman Guitar Floor Stand - £9.99
Ran out of space on the walls? Get them one of these and their pride and joy will always be safe.

14. Hercules Guitar Floor Stand - £38.99
If you’re looking for a guitar stand with a little more quality and functionality, this Hercules model is a safe bet.

24 Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

15. Gibson Lightning Guitar Strap - £11.99
This guitar strap adds a certain David Bowie-esque charm to any guitarist’s arsenal, and scientists say you can never be too Bowie.

16. Fender Deluxe Guitar Cable - £15.99
This isn’t just any old guitar cable, this is a deluxe guitar cable. What’s the difference? Don’t worry about that. That’s not your job.

17. Fender Surf Green Guitar Cable - £9.99
If your loved one plays gigs regularly, having a strikingly-coloured cable will help them not lose it at the end of each gig. This is that cable.

18. TGI Extreme Gig Bag - £45
Why is this gig bag “extreme”? Because it offers extremely good protection for your guitar, as well as multiple extremely useful pockets to store all the other gifts you’ve given them.

19. Gibson Guitar Polish Set - £6.99
Train your loved one to care for the important things in their life by giving them this guitar polish and cloth set. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be next.

20. Rotosound Strings and Strap Set - £14.99
Is this a strap for £14.99 and three free sets of strings, or three sets of strings for £14.99 and a free strap? Either way, it’s a great deal.

21. Blackstar Tone:link Bluetooth Audio Receiver - £23
This little gizmo allows your guitarist friend (or, crucially, you) to stream music from your device to anything with an audio input. It means you could start playing ABBA through their guitar amp while they’re shredding Slayer, which could be fun.

22. Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp - £59
Does your loved one need an amp that they can fit in their (large) pocket? Yes. Yes, they do.

24 Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist in your life

23. VOX Wah Pedal - £53
A classic guitar effect, so called because it makes the guitar sound like a screaming baby. An ideal gift (unless you already have a screaming baby, in which case you may want to pass on this one).

24. Digitech RP55 Multi-effects Pedal - £32
Offering a crazy range of tone-twisting sounds from a compact floor pedal, the RP55 offers quite insanely good value for money.

So there you have it: either a helpful list of potential gifts or the beginnings of the best advent calendar any guitarist could ever imagine...

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