RCF at Whisky A Go Go

The Whisky a Go Go, located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA, is quite possibly the most iconic live rock music venue in the US and, perhaps even, the world. It first opened its doors on January 16th, 1964 and has famously acted as a launching pad for bands as diverse as the Doors, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Steppenwolf, Van Halen, No Doubt and many, many others. Heck, even Led Zeppelin made their US-debut there. To say that playing the Whisky is a right-of-passage for bands would be a massive understatement. But its legendary status goes even further than simple nostalgia. Nowadays, even well-established artists, like Kiss, Mötley Crüe and Slash are flocking to the Whisky to launch world tours by first playing before intimate audiences at the club. One may wonder why they would do that. One reason is because of the club’s ongoing status as the place to play. Another is, perhaps, a chance to offer an up-close, personal experience for die-hard fans. The ultimate reason may now have to do with the sound system. With a newly installed PA, provided by Italian speaker manufacturer RCF, the Whisky is once-again asserting itself as the world’s preeminent rock club.

The RCF team worked with the Whisky’s in-house team, as well as RCF’s pro partner, Above The Ground Productions, on the installation, which took only one day, believe it or not. RCF product specialist Steven Cochran tuned and aligned the system using network controlled RDNET software. Additionally, knowing the volume that most bands who play the Whisky perform at, RCF added a system of High-Output Stage Monitors to even out the stage volume.

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