Announcing the RCF ART 9 Series PA Speakers

I get weirdly excited about PA speakers. They may look like dull black oblongs, but they promise so much: loud music, big parties, fun times! 

But there are PA speakers and there are PA speakers. A cheap PA system can genuinely ruin a party. The guests may not realise exactly why, but the wooly bass, aggressive mid-range and piercing treble make listening to music through the system a tiring and unpleasant experience. A decent PA system, on the other hand, brings out the best in the music: the warmth of the bass, the clarity of the mid-range, and the sparkle of the tops.

This is where RCF Audio come in. Having manufactured audio gear since 1949, they’re right up there with the very best in speaker manufacturers. But they also have a secret weapon: they’re Italian and – as anyone knows – the Italians have flair.

We’ve been stocking RCF speakers for a long time at Kenny’s Music so we were excited to be told that they were releasing a whole new range of speakers: the RCF Art 9 Series.

On the most basic level, what makes these new speakers great is that they sound better than anything that has come before; that Italian attention to detail and design flair has resulted in speakers that really know how to party.

PA speaker features and specs can be a little dry, so below I’ve listed RCF’s main points with a handy one-sentence translation, alongside a comparison chart between the different models in the series.

Bass Motion Control

“The advanced woofer excursion management increases linearity and improves bass punch with a radical new approach. BMC extends the lowest audible frequency without affecting the transducer’s stability, limiting over-excursions for greater reliability and superior performance at high volume levels.”

Translation: the speakers go lower than other speakers, and are less likely to blow.


“The advanced FiRPHASE and BMC algorithms optimize dynamics, amplitude, and phase patterns, extending the lowest audible frequency while limiting over-excursions.”

Translation: decent bass!

True Resistive Waveguide

Thanks to FiRPHASE technology, the new shape, and the placement of the ports, the speaker now acts as a single ideal source for a perfect sound image. Acoustically, the TRW waveguide mimics a resonance-free pure resistive load reducing the high-frequency distortion of a classic horn. With its asymmetrical sound shaping, the coverage angle of the waveguide provides constant directivity to the entire listening area. 

Translation: the mid- and high-end will sound clear at all listening angles.

Power Amp

“With 2100 W power, the 2-channel ART 9 Class-D amplifier is 50% more powerful than the previous models, able to manage extreme sound pressure levels with an ultra-fast attack, realistic transient response, and very low heat loss.”

Translation: these speakers are loud and clear!

So What Are They For?

These speakers are great for a range of different applications: live music performances, mobile DJs, stage monitoring, and loads more. 

Want to check them out? Get in touch and we can organise a demo. Hope to see you soon!