Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

Aston Microphones are causing a bit of a stir worldwide at the moment, with their unique design and solid British construction, they're being championed by the biggest names in the business such as Drake, Noel Gallagher and Stevie Wonder to name just a few.

When the Aston brand began, the first thing that was decided were core values, to make microphones right here in the UK, not just ‘designed' or ‘assembled’, but actually manufactured in Britain.

The Aston Sound - Made in the UK

A vital part of the manufacturing process for ASTON was to ensure the right team were in place to ultimately create the best sound possible. Instead of using your standard pencil pushers to put a brief together ASTON handed the entire sound development process to what was named ‘Aston 33’.

At the very beginning, The Aston 33 were a panel made up of some of the very top producers, engineers and artists in the UK, who handled the sound development of the products. Over the course of 6 months, they took a series of blind listening tests and gave their input on the products through each state of development. Now, the panel has expanded and includes professionals from the USA and beyond involving over 70 industry pro audio experts.

The result of this process has been remarkable… multiple award winning mics, competing with some of the most expensive and sought after mics in the world and costing a fraction of the price.
Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

Uniquely British

Every single detail of their microphones, from the beautifully finished chassis and laser engraved lettering, to little touches like using high-grade metal switches, and even the enamel badges used instead of printed logos, has been carefully thought out and superbly executed to make owning your Aston microphone an inspiring product that has been superbly designed and executed to provide unparalleled value and performance.

Unique aesthetics, rugged quality and high-end performance are all the more incredible when you consider these products are priced for the wider home recording market, even though they have already become an industry standard, a must have for thousands of professional recording studios and many of the biggest names in the business.

Just by taking a look at who is currently shouting about Aston microphones, you quickly realise the versatility as well as the performance of these mics.

Austen Jux-Chandler

Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

Producer and Engineer -
Plan B, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Paul Weller, Adele, Wolf Alice, The Weekend, Hudson Taylor, Florence and the Machine, Mark Ronson, Danger Mouse, A$AP Rocky and Many More

"I needed to make sure I had something versatile on hand to record with at all times, and the Origin soon became a reliable workhorse"

Emre Ramazanoglu

Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

Producer and Engineer -
Lily Allen, Sia, Noel Gallagher, Richard Ashcroft, The Prodigy, Tricky, Mark Ronson, Shakira

"Aston mics are little silver torpedoes of happiness. Solid, detailed, natural and reliable. What else do you need?"

Irwin Sparkes

Aston Microphones - Made in the UK

The Hoosiers

“How did Aston get a mic up inside my head? ‘Cos that’s what using the Spirit sounds like.”

Jamie ‘Pop’ Morrison

Aston Microphones - Made in the UK


“I use the Origin for everything, the simple reason being that it always sounds good!”

Aston Legacy

Aston has the opportunity to be the team who are building the first mainstream UK mic brand… what a legacy to be able to leave, with the UK standing as one of the most influential in the modern music industry… With their attention to detail, Aston are sure to quickly become the voice of the British Music Industry.

Take a look at the whole Aston Microphones range here.
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