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[ENDED] Shop and Win Over £1,500 of Music Gear!

***THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED*** To celebrate the launch of the all new Kenny’s Music website, we’ve teamed up with our pals at Yamaha and Fender to offer a bunch of amazing prizes to anyone that shops with us between now and Christmas! Prizes After Christmas, we will choose four winners at random from all entries, who will each win one of the following products: Fender Player Stratocaster Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Yamaha APX600 Acoustic Guitar Pair of Yamaha HS7 Studio Monitors How to Enter To enter the competition, simply... Read More


Introducing the Fender Player Plus Range

In 2018, Fender retired the Mexican Standard Series and replaced it with the Player Series as their entry level guitar range. This range is still Mexican made, and like the Standard series that came before consists of more basic and uniform components. For example the Player Jazzmaster comes equipped with dual humbuckers, rather than the wide-range single coil pickups you would normally find on this kind of guitar.Today, Fender are launching their newest line of guitars: The Player Plus Series. As they’re all new and shiny, we thought they were... Read More


Schecter Guitar Research: From Repairs to Renown

It’s that time again folks. Time for us to delve into the annals of history and look at how one of our manufacturers became the company they are today! This week we will be looking at Schecter, a brand predominantly known for their “metal” focussed guitars, although this is by no means the whole story. Definitely Not Partscasters Schecter, or Schecter Guitar Research to use their full name, were originally established in 1976 by David Schecter. The company was set up as a guitar repair shop, which also made replacement... Read More


Metal Guitar Buyer’s Guide

Today we’re crossing over to the dark side of music where distortion, low end, and the colour black rules supreme. We are of course talking about metal, and we’re going to discuss some things you might want to consider if you’re relatively new to the genre, and want to know how guitar components are going to shape your sound. Now I will lead with a caveat. This is an overview, and is in no way intended to be a definitive guide on metal sounds. If you are making metal using... Read More


Gigging Singer Songwriters: What You Need

So you’ve decided to do it. Cast off the shackles of oppression and strike out on your own. Who needs them? They were holding you back! How can a song sound “too much like Bob Dylan” anyway? I am of course talking about solo singer songwriting (say that 3 times fast by the way). Here at Kenny’s Music, we say good for you! Also, you’re going to need some stuff so let’s have a chat about that. Guitars For the purposes of not just talking about everything under the sun,... Read More


Multi-FX vs Pedalboards

Multi-FX or Pedalboard. It sounds like a simple enough question, but it really isn’t. Multi-FX units have come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and whereas it would have once been lunacy to take one on stage with you, it is becoming more and more the norm. In this blog, I’m not going to try to tell you which is better. There are some pretty strong feelings on that, and I like my knee caps where they are thank you. Instead I’m going to discuss what I feel are... Read More


A Guide To Effects Pedals

So you’ve got your guitar, you’ve got an amp, and you’re well on your way with this playing lark. You’ve mastered E minor, A minor and you’re an absolute wiz at power chords. Kurt Cobain, eat your heart out, eh?So now you’re probably thinking about trying to emulate some of your favourite artists, and you’re going to realise pretty quickly that effects are a big part of doing that, but you really don’t know where to begin. It’s a bit of a minefield. What the difference between a delay and... Read More

What Does FSR Mean?

“When will you be getting this back in stock?” It’s probably the question I am asked most often working at Kenny’s Music, and in the case of Fender and Squier FSR guitars, the sad fact is that the answer is probably “never”. In this blog I’m going to very briefly explain what “FSR” means, and then I’m going to show you some of my favourites which ARE (currently at least) available! So What Does FSR Mean? Literally, FSR stands for “Fender Special Run”, which, in a nutshell, is fancy Fender... Read More

Let’s Talk About Squier

Squier are probably one of the best known brands in the guitar playing omniverse and if you started playing guitar at some point between 1995 and now, there’s a pretty good chance that a Squier Stratocaster is what you learned on, punching out “Smoke On The Water” using power chords, exclusively in the wrong key. But aside from being entry level Fender guitars, what do you really know about the company? If the answer to that question is “not a thing”, then you are in the right place. The Beginning... Read More

The Epiphone Slash Range!

Gibson and Slash. Like Batman and Robin, strawberries and cream or “taps aff” and 20 degrees, it’s a pairing that just makes sense. In January 2020 Gibson showed they very much felt the same way when they launched the “Slash” range of Gibson guitars, and I wrote a similar blog, where I made a similar joke. Well true to form, Epiphone have brought out their “Inspired by Gibson” Slash series, and we wanna talk about them! The Slash series includes 2 models. The first is an electro acoustic J-45 and... Read More