Blackstar #LISTEN Campaign

From Monday 1st of April until Saturday the 31st of August, Blackstar will be running their new #LISTEN Campaign.

What is the #LISTEN campaign?

Basically, Blackstar are giving their customer the opportunity to save up to £100 across their HT Venue and Unity ranges.

How does it work?

Simple! When you go to buy your chosen Blackstar amp at your nearest Kenny's Music shop, quote #LISTEN at the point of purchase, and receive a saving of up to £100 depending on the product!

HT Venue Range #LISTEN Discount

• HT CLUB 40 MkII: £40
• HT CLUB 50H MkII: £50
• HT STAGE 60 112 MkII: £60
• HT STAGE 60 212 MkII: £60
• HT STAGE 100H MkII: £100
• HTV-112 MkII: £15
• HTV-212 MkII: £30
• HTV-412A MkII: £50
• HTV-412B MkII: £50

Unity Range #LISTEN Discount

• UNITY 30: £15
• UNITY 60: £40
• UNITY 120: £40
• UNITY 250: £60
• UNITY 500: £80
• UNITY 250ACT: £40
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