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Alex Marten

Needless to say, it’s been a difficult time for live musicians over the last few months; with gigs and events cancelled, many of us have lost our livelihoods and a means to earn a living from the talent we’ve spent our lives honing. 

But I’d like to think there may be a small silver lining to this all. 

The lack of events has, I’m sure, helped our audiences realise the value of what we do. Enjoying live music in the company of friends and strangers is one of life’s great joys; there is nothing quite like that collective shiver up the spine that comes from watching a great musician lose themselves in the flow and somehow produce magic. This is what makes us smile or cry or scream or jump up and down like lunatics. This is what gives meaning to our existence.

Our audiences are more acutely aware of this than ever, so now is the time to be planning to start our gigs again, and give them what they so desperately need!

The good news is that, slowly but surely, live music is going to come back, and when it comes back it is going to be bigger than ever. This is where Yamaha’s new campaign #bringinglive2life comes in. Yamaha are looking to ensure that live music gets the focus it deserves and that we (safely) jump on the opportunity to bring musical joy to our audiences again.

Lockdown rules are changing daily, but it seems likely that we’ll be able to play to small crowds fairly soon so, if you’re looking for a great portable PA system that will work for small pub gigs or parties, check out the Yamaha StagePAS 1K, an all-in-one unit that offers a mini line array speaker, subwoofer and 5-channel mixer.

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Alex Marten


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