Casio Summer NAMM 2019 Announcements!

The Summer NAMM Announcements continue! Todays offering comes courtesy of the good people at Casio, and unsurprisingly, this is one for the Keys players out there.

The PX-S1000RD

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Casio Privia Brand, Casio have added the brand new, Special edition PX-S1000, the PX-S1000RD.
So what sets the PX-S1000RD apart from the rest of the range? Well it's red. Very red in fact. If the question was, how much more red could this be? The answer would be, none more red. Because lets face it, the guitarists shouldn't be the only ones showing a little flare on stage, and there definitely needs to be a middle ground between black and a keytar.

The Casiotone Range

Casio have also announced the introduction of a whole new range of keyboards, the Casiotone series, as the more astute among you may have guessed from the heading. Portability seems to be the name of the game with these 61 key, lightweight and battery operational keyboards. They even have a handle!
The range starts with the CT-S100; the most affordable and basic model at only £99, although still containing everything you would really need in a portable keyboard (keys, speakers, various sounds, reverb and 61 built in rhythms). At the other end of the scale is the Casiotone LK-S250; the "all the bells and whistles" version, including spinning rims, flux capacitors, laser beams and everything you might need for world domination! Well... not really. But it does have a whole host of extras the CT-S100 doesn't, including Casios light up key lessons, which is pretty good considering the RRP is only £245.
The range also includes the CT-S200 and CT-S300, meaning if what you're after is a portable Casio keyboard, you are well and truly covered.
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