Aveleen Rose is a solo artist, singer and songwriter, and describes herself as free spirited and contagiously courageous!Read More
We had a quick chat with Aberdeen prog metallers Orynthia about their (very) wide range of influences, their favourite gear and being named after a Wifi password..Read More
We caught up with Aberdeen rock band Run To Vega to talk about the past and future of the group, and their brand new single Limousine..Read More
We had a chat with Glasgow's own instrumental prog shredder Sithu Aye about how he writes, his favourite gear and the horror of snapping strings onstage.Read More
Scott Wallace is a 21-year old singer songwriter from Aberdeen. We caught up with him to discuss the past, present and future of his career.Read More
We had a word with Colonel Mustard about the scrabble game that inspired their name, and what happens when only 3 members of the band show up to a gig..Read More
Aberdeen grind duo Boak may play hard and fast, but they're lovely really. Read on to find out why they're named after being sick..Read More
We caught up with Dunfermline songwriter Amy Lou to chat about Irn Bru, the best local bands and writing a song about a Fiat 500..Read More
We had a chat with Jonny Watt, frontman & songwriter of FOREIGNFOX, about writing down your thoughts, managing your dreams and the dangers of throwing your guitar..Read More
We caught up with Aberdeen based one-man metal machine James McBain to talk about touring Europe, the best venues in Aberdeen and Scooter.Read More
We caught up with vocalist & keyboard player Robbie to chat about regretting their choice of name, lost keyboards, and busking for chicken nuggets...Read More
We caught up with the Dunfermline "big tunes" band Oskar Braves to talk about how they started, dodgy sound engineers and their love for their local venue.Read More
We caught up with Moon Kids vocalist David Barr to chat about how they started, the guys in the band and, er, Grange Hill.Read More
We had a chat with Jacqueline from the Glasgow City Centre based rehearsal studio about what makes them special...Read More
We caught up with up-and-coming Dunfermline dream rockers Shambolics to find out what makes them tick!Read More


Line 6 have just announced their latest addition to the POD family, the Line 6 PODGO! Read More
PRS have launched The 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 to mark their 35th year of crafting amazing guitars! Read More
Have we mentioned NAMM 2020 yet? Yamaha have just announced new additions to their nylon string guitar range! Read More

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