Does it matter what country a guitar is made in?

Despite what you may read on the internet's deepest darkest forum corners, there's not really a simple answer. Even though many companies design their guitars in the USA or Europe, the vast majority of instruments are actually manufactured in China, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

There aren't any 'rules' as to what country makes good or bad guitars, but rather which brands have tighter quality control. For example, Fender make their American series guitars in the USA, their Mexican series in Mexico and their Squier brand in China and Indonesia.

Does it matter what country a guitar is made in?

It's not at all in any company's interest to put out inferior instruments, so they take special care to make sure that all of their guitars look great, play correctly, and are built to last. Their American guitars might use very high-end components in comparison to their less expensive models built outside the USA, but the quality is always high regardless of where it's made.

The only real danger lies in non-brand guitars that you find at supermarkets and department stores. These are typically inferior instruments made to the lowest possible price with bad components, little quality control and often in poor working conditions.
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