Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up!

Summer in Britain promises two things. Endless days of glorious, scorching sunshine that seem to reach on forever, and announcements of new gear from our favourite brands at summer NAMM!

One of those statements is a bare faced lie, and with that in mind, let's talk Squier and Fender.

Fender Player Series

Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up

Options. Fender are all about the options, and with these new two new finish additions to the Player series you now have more than ever! Fender are bringing in two new colours to the new Mexican range - we give you Capri Orange and Silver!

True to Fender form, you can have these new finishes in basically any standard Fender body shape that your heart desires. See; options!

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Squier Classic Vibe Series

Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up

The original Classic Vibe series is, in our humble opinion, one of the best ranges Squier has ever offered, and from what we've seen so far, that trend looks set to continue. With an array of stunning vintage-era inspired Tele's, Strat's, Jaguars and Jazzmasters for less than £400, you really are spoiled for choice here!

They've also got you bass players covered, with some retro look Mustang and Jaguar Basses, not to mention some seriously good looking P-Basses as well!

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Squier Starcaster

Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up

The new addition to Squier's affinity series marks the long-awaited return of the Starcaster!
That's right. Fender's mold breaking semi-hollow guitar is now available in the bank-balance-friendly Squier range! Available in Candy Apple Red, Black, Olympic White and Three-Tone Sunburst, these new Affinity Starcasters are well worth a look.

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Squier Bullet Series

Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up

Lastly on the guitar front, but by no means least (unless of course you're referring to price), we have the Squier Bullet series and one exciting new addition: The Bullet Telecaster! Available in Black and Brown sunburst, just in case you don't fancy a Strat (there are of course also Mustangs in the range, but that undermines my point).

Speaking of Strats... The Bullet Stratocaster now brings a couple of fresh new finish options to the series! Namely Shell Pink, Sonic Grey and Tropical Turquoise. There has never been so much variety in Squier's entry-level range to choose from!

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New Fender Pedals!

Fender Summer NAMM 2019 Round-up

As well as the addition of enough guitars to shake a stick at, for all you stick shaking enthusiasts out there, Fender have also launched a few new pedals for you to drool over. In the murky world of distortion we have; the MT:GLA Tube Distortion, The Compugilist Compressor/Distortion and the Smolder Acoustic Overdrive pedal.

For modulation, we have the Reflecting Pool Delay and Reverb and the Pour Over Envelope Filter. The final offering from Fender is the Trapper Dual Fuzz pedal, just in case all those distortions aren't quite filthy enough for your tone.

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New Fender Amplifiers!

Finally, Fender have released a few new amplifiers for your perusal. First up, Fender have added a "more aggressive amp in looks and sound" to their Champion Range, appropriately named the Champion 100XL. With the Champion range being what it is, we're sure this will be a solid contender if you're after a digital amp with a bit more oomph.

Finally, (very definitely finally) we have the Fender Tonemaster Range, made up of the Tonemaster Deluxe and Twin Reverb amps. As their names suggest, these are modeled after Fender's renowned Deluxe and Twin Reverb models, but with one major difference, they're digital! Been dreaming of all that lush Fender tone, but without the hernia? Well now you don't need to.

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