Fender Vintera Series

Ever fancied a 50’s Fender Stratocaster? Or a 60’s Telecaster? Well, always happy to nod to their illustrious history, Fender brings us the Vintera Series (vintage era, see what they did there?)! Created for players who crave the style and sound of Fender’s golden era, but without the pricetag, and risk that come with buying a decades old instrument.

This new series comes equipped with all the features that came to define the decade. With neck profile befitting their eras, throwback finishes and all new re-voiced pickups, Fender have pulled out all the stops to show the best bits of the musical heritage.


So what shapes and sizes does the Vintera Series come in? Well no prizes for guessing the first model.

The Stratocaster
Because would it even be a Fender range without the Strat? In the Vintera Series it comes in a 50’s, 50’s Modified, 60’s, 60’s Modified and 70’s models; with neck shapes, colours and pick ups to suit each iteration.

The Telecaster
Ok, no prizes for guessing this one either, but you can’t really do a series nodding to the heritage of Fender without featuring the guitar that started it all. Like the Strat, it comes in a 50’s, 50’s Modified, 60’s Modified and 70’s style; but also has a 60’s bigsby model, a 70’s Deluxe, a 70’s Thinline and a 70’s custom model. The Tele also comes with vintage styled necks, retro colours and vintage voiced pick ups.

The Jazzmaster
Next up in the Vintera Series is the Jazzmaster. This comes in a 60’s model, which features a matching body and headstock finish; and a 60’s modified model, without the matching headstock and featuring “hot” pickups and and adjustomatic bridge. Again, necks, colours and pick ups have been styled to suit.

The Jaguar
Want something with enough chrome to blind an audience and so many switches you’ll never remember what they’re all for? That’s right! It’s the Fender Jaguar! The Vintera series Jag comes in a 60’s and 60’s Modified Model, with the latter featuring Atomic Humbuckers (BOOM) and the adjustomatic bridge also featured on the Jazzmaster.

The Mustang
All the fun of a normal guitar, just half the size! Well not really, but definitely compact! The Vintera Mustangs is based on the Mustangs of the 60’s, so comes with a vintage style floating trem, a 60’s C shaped neck; 7.25″ radius fingerboard and 22 Vintage style frets. It’s available in a few different finishes and is cool little option a little outside of the norm.

The Precision Bass
How about a little something for the bassy brethrin? Well Fender have them covered too, with the Vintera 50’s Precision Bass. The P-Bass features a maple neck, an anodized aluminium pickguard, 50’s revoiced pick ups and a period accurate 7.25″ radius fingerboard. Once again, it comes in a couple of different era appropriate finishes.

The Jazz Bass
Not into the P-Bass? that’s fine. Fender’s got you covered. Infact, with both a 60’s and 70’s version of the Jazz bass available, you’re spoiled for choice. Again we have the period appropriate neck profiles, pick ups voices and finishes, and the 70’s model also features the “Big Block” Fender fret markers, giving the bass just a little extra class (in our humble opinion anyway).

The Mustang Bass
Yep, you read right. ANOTHER BASS. Hey, bassists are people too you know, and clearly Fender are all about equal opportunites. Anyway, the 60’s Mustang Bass also give us all the period appropriate features, with a vintage style bridge, neck profiles, fingerboard radius, tuning machines and a tiny, vintage voiced split coil pick up.

So with a little something for everyone, the Vintera Series is well worth a look. Giving you classic Fender look, tone and feel in brand new instruments, the Vintera Series really is a “best of both worlds” option.