Future Fridays – Conflict Hope

Future Fridays is about championing local unsigned music. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion, full info and entry form can be found here.

This week, we’re featuring the band Conflict Hope from Anstruther with their track “Calm Before the Storm”:

So, who are Conflict Hope?
We are a Hard Rock / Punk band who were formed in high school by Jake Rodger (lead vocals and guitar) and Inaxio Abecia (backing vocals and guitar). There have been various members come and go throughout the years, but we both continued to keep playing and writing music as Conflict Hope as we loved it so much. We have been gigging for a few years now and have had the pleasure to play in the Hard Rock Cafe, Madrid in 2017, Edinburgh, Blairgowrie Rugby and Ale Festival twice, and also venues in Dundee such as Beat Generator live, and many shows at Conroy’s Basement.

We decided we wanted to record an album last year and began work on the ten tracks with Inaxio recording the drums and Jake recording the guitar and bass, unfortunately we have been delayed by the global pandemic but we are arranging to get back into the studio ASAP!

We can’t imagine doing anything else with our lives but play in Conflict Hope. It has been our focus for so long now and we can’t wait to share with everyone all our music and plans for the future.

Tell us a bit about how you made the track, including the instruments, hardware and software that you used
We recorded this song in the Eastlake 1 Studio at Perth College with Findlay Walker, our sound engineer. We used Pro Tools to record everything and Logic Pro X to mix and master the track. During the process, we enjoyed experimenting with different techniques. The song starts with some light ukulele playing with whistling over it which was recorded in a corridor. For the guitar tracks we used a black Epiphone Les Paul Special II plugged into a Blackstar HT guitar amplifier. For the bass track we used a Squier Affinity bass plugged into a Fender Rumble bass amplifier. For the drums we used Pearl Export ELX kit. We were wanting to get a solid hard rock sound so we went for that combination. We used a Rode NT1-A Vocal Microphone for recording Jake’s vocal track.

You can follow Conflict Hope on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.