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You may have noticed that there has been a lot of speculation regarding Gibson over the last 12 months. With their well-documented difficulties in 2018, what would it mean for the future of the company and, more importantly, the instruments they produce?

James 'JC' Curleigh, who took the dual positions of President and CEO of the company back in October 2018, took the opportunity to share the company’s plans with the public during the NAMM show earlier this year.

Gibson's CEO James Curleigh interviewed by Musicradar at NAMM 2019.

Straight off the bat, Curleigh could not be clearer that Gibson's intention is to return the brand to it’s status as an iconic industry leader, and to win back the fan’s trust in their instruments. When asked to summarise Gibson’s new outlook in a mission statement, Curleigh states that he wishes to once again become the "most relevant, most played, most loved guitar brand."

Curleigh went on to talk the specifics of how Gibson plans to achieve this. He discussed some of Gibson’s less successful innovations, such as the, ahem, divisive G-Force tuners, joking that "the robot is probably best left to a dance". Does this mean that Gibson are going to entirely abandon new developments in their R&D team? Absolutely not – Gibson have always been innovators, for better or worse, and past innovations have gone on to shape the entire industry. However, the focus is well and truly back to more traditional, less radical designs.

So what will this mean for you, the player? Well firstly, the past year’s 2019 range marks the end of the Gibson yearly naming convention. Moving forward, your Gibson will be part of the two core ranges and those ranges will remain largely unchanged. Sure, new ideas and innovations may be implemented, but only if Gibson feels they are ready. They have already started arriving in our stores, and we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Each of these ranges approaches Gibson’s instruments from a specific viewpoint, and this allows for a ton of diversity within the brand, and by extension, for you, the player.

The Original Collection does exactly what it says on the tin. This is the Gibson that you know and love, with the two models synonymous with the name Gibson appearing in their iconic forms, with just enough variety for there to be something for every Gibson fan out there. We have the Les Paul Standard, appearing in '50s ‘spec (one model of which comes with P90 pickups in Gold Top finish), and ‘60s spec in 3 stunning bursts. Additionally this range sees the return of the Les Paul Special and the Les Paul Junior, in classic TV Yellow and Sunburst finishes respectively.

For the SG fans, the SG Standard model comes in 3 ’61 spec versions; the Standard ’61, and two models with Vibrola tremolo systems. The SG Special and Junior also makes it’s return, and we can’t think of a base Gibson haven’t covered for the fans here.

Other iconic Gibson models the Firebird, Flying V, Thunderbird bass and SG Standard bass are all restored in traditional specifications here too. This collection is exactly what Gibson fans have been crying out for, and Gibson have answered in spades.

The Modern Collection is where you’ll find some of Gibson’s recent innovations – with fan favourites like the Les Paul Studio, Classic, Tribute models as well as all the more recent SG models that we’ve become so familiar with in recent years. Chambered bodies, unique shapes and switching systems all make an appearance here.

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