An interview with Glasgow Music Studios

Glasgow Music Studios is based in the centre of town and is one of the most popular rehearsal studios in the city. We had a chat with Jacqueline from the Studios about what makes them special...

How many rooms do you have available, and how do they compare?
We have 5 pods available for rehearsal hire ranging from small to large, and we also have a piano room and a room that we use for our DJ and Music production lessons. We have 9 rooms in total. Our rooms are custom built and superior for their sound with precision engineering and design by Boxy/Amadeus Acoustics.

What sort of backline etc. do you have available?
We have a wide range of backline equipment from Orange, Line 6, Fender, Hi Watt, Ashdown for guitar and bass amps, Pearl Masters, Yamaha Tour for drums and Mackie PA and speakers.

An interview with Glasgow Music Studios

How much do you charge?
Prices range from £10 for solo rehearsal hours to £40 for our large room for a full 3 hour rehearsal, our most popular rehearsal rooms are the two medium rooms and they come in at £26 DAY RATE and peak slots (6-9pm) are £35 for 3 hour slots.

Why should artists pick your studios over other local ones?
We offer a band loyalty programme for bands who come every 5 consecutive rehearsals and get the 6th free!! We are also a state of the art award-winning studio that’s in the city centre, so easy to get to....if you are coming after 6pm there is also on street parking right outside. We offer recording packages for bands or artists who need multiple hours and free consultations if you’re not sure how long your project will take or just want to speak with an engineer about it, and can also offer session musicians to help if needed. Our gear is great and our staff are very friendly!

Have you had any big bands rehearse in the studios? If so, who?
Two Door Cinema Club and The View, to name a couple. There are also a few we’re not allowed to disclose…

What’s the best piece of gear in the studios?
Probably our lovely new audio studio with new pro tools, software and AKG mics.

An interview with Glasgow Music Studios

If money and availability weren’t an issue, what gear would you love to add to the studios?
I would love to have more dj and production spaces as these are really popular.

Do you have any funny / weird / interesting stories about stuff that’s happened at the studios?
Our singing tutor Lu is ACTUALLY A QUALIFIED EXORCIST! She has had to rid the reception area of a wee spirit or two.

Do you have any pet peeves with bands who come to the studios?
No, we are pretty lucky, most who come to the studios are respectful.

Do you have any general advice for artists visiting your studios? Come and see us as we are always happy to help!

To book yourself in with Glasgow Music Studios, visit them at or call on 01415520907!
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