Lockdown Diaries: Hellripper


Alex Marten

We caught up with Aberdeen's Hellripper to find out what he's been up to during Lockdown!

Have you been making more or less music since lockdown began?
I’ve been writing some music during lockdown, however the new Hellripper album was just finished in January so I had a little break after that. Most of my time has gone into making sure everything else is ready for the release of the album, so I have been doing some graphic design and a little bit of video editing as well as making sure all the related merch etc. is ok.

Have you managed to collaborate with each other / other musicians during this time?
Since Hellripper is a solo project, I am lucky in that the creative process hasn’t been affected. I have however been involved in a couple of other bands during lockdown performing guest parts on tracks and mixing/mastering music.

Are there any tools you’ve found useful for collaborating or broadcasting your music during this time?
I have recently started streaming on Twitch, so that’s been a cool way to interact with people.

Have you got any links to share of music you’ve made or performed during lockdown?
This is the first single from the upcoming album (out October 9th on Peaceville Records):

What’s the best online music event you’ve experienced during lockdown by other artists?
Metal Injection’s ‘Slay at Home Fest’ was cool! It featured a lot of great metal bands performing short sets as well as some great collaborations.

What are your thoughts on how the COVID crisis is going to affect music ongoing?
It has already affected a lot of things within the music industry unfortunately. Tours have been cancelled, album releases have been delayed (including mine), and a lot of people’s livelihoods have been affected including booking agents, crew etc. I think it’s hard to predict what exactly is going to happen with live shows in the future, and we still don’t know exactly when live shows will return properly.

I guess one good thing to come out of it, is that a lot of bands have been able to work on new material when they otherwise would be touring, so at least there will be some new music coming.

Is there anything you think the government should be doing to help the music industry?
From what I can gather, music venues are not being given the funding they need to survive this situation which is sad and it looks like it is very possible that a lot of these venues will have to close if no action is taken.

What are your plans now?
Currently I am in the middle of the promotion process for the release of the next album, and we have a European tour planned for October/November that will hopefully go ahead!

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Alex Marten


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