Kenny’s Music Affiliate Programme

If you have an online presence and love talking to your followers about music gear, we’re offering you the chance to make money by linking to us.

Whether you’ve got a blog, a YouTube channel, or even just a good bunch of mates who trust your recommendations, becoming a Kenny’s Music affiliate will let you make a profit from the sales you drive towards us.

What is the Kenny’s Music Affiliate Programme?
The Kenny’s Music Affiliate Programme is a way of earning money by linking to the products on our website. If someone ends up making a purchase within 30 days of clicking your link, you’ll get a commission on the sale.

You don’t have to worry about payment or shipping: we’ll take care of everything else, from customer service to order tracking to returns and repairs.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who is able to influence the purchase of music equipment:

• YouTubers doing gear demos
• Bloggers writing product reviews, round-ups and tips
• Music teachers recommending products to their pupils
• Music rehearsal and recording studios
• Social media influencers offering recommendations to loyal followers
• …and more!

Be aware that you should always be upfront about the fact that you are making a commission on your recommendations.

How does it work?
You’ll get a commission for every sale that you deliver. We offer at least 5% commission on all items (excluding sale or b-stock items), and will be increasing commission on certain product lines soon.

Why should you join?
Joining our Affiliate Programme means becoming a partner with one of the UK’s leading musical instrument retailers.

In addition, you’ll earn money without any investment, and in a totally risk-free way. You’ll get commission for any sales you deliver, but you won’t lose anything if this doesn’t happen.

There are several ways to link to our site – from a simple text link on a blog or social account, to a banner advert or a fully merchandised range of our products.

How do I join?
You can join our programme via our network partner, The Affiliate Gateway (TAG).

If you already have an account on the platform, just request to join our programme there. If not, you can create an account on TAG and then join the Kenny’s Music Affiliate Programme.

If you have any questions, you can discuss details and strategies of being an affiliate by emailing