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Mackie has recently announced a new deal, and it's pretty damn cool. Basically, they will be giving away recording software with a whole host of their professional and home recording, monitoring and mixing products.

Specifically, customer will be entitled to copies of Pro Tools First and Musician Collection with ALL of the products included in the offer, and some will also include Waveform OEM and DAW Essentials Collection.

The list of Mackie products included in the deal is pretty extensive. But it features things like; all ProFXv3 mixers, the Onyx Artist and Producer interfaces, several of the CR, MR, XR and HR Monitors, the MCU digital desks and the Big Knob Studio and Studio+.

So how do you redeem this offer? Well it's pretty simple actually. Buy your eligible Mackie product after the 12th of September, go to the relevant product page on the Mackie website. Hit the link to claim your free softwares and follow the instructions. All you will need is your product code.
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