Music teachers: we need you!

Although there’s a huge amount of instructional content online nowadays, there’s nothing quite like sitting in a room with an experienced professional to help take your musicianship to the next level. Here at Kenny’s Music, we have thousands of musicians passing through our doors every week, and - judging by the number of times we get asked - many of them are keen to find a teacher to help take their playing to the next level.

This in mind, we’re looking to develop Scotland’s largest database of music teachers, so that we can offer our customers an unrivalled resource to help find the right teacher for them. If you are a music teacher and would like to be included in our directory for free, please enter your details below:

Note that being listed in our directory is a completely FREE service. On a not-entirely-selfless level, as a retailer of musical equipment it’s in our interest to help our customers dedicate themselves to their music, so anything we can do to help them in that pursuit is worth our while. If we can help you out while doing that, all the better :-)
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