Product Spotlight: PRS CE24

Often hailed as the benchmark for quality in guitar building, PRS are one of the most respected guitar makers in the world. Today we are going to take a closer look at the PRS CE24, and dig down into what makes it so special!

The original CE (Classic Electric) was introduced back in 1988 and offered something new for PRS fans. The guitar kept the classic PRS styling and quality, but gave players a guitar with a bolt-on neck (hardly groundbreaking in the guitar world, but a first for PRS). After nearly a decade of absence from the lineup, the CE24 is back and better than ever.

Maple Neck
Bolt-on maple necks have been around since the inception of rock n roll, (cough Fender cough) and they will be here long after we’re all gone, but at least the cockroaches will have nice guitars to play after the inevitable nuclear apocalypse.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that some players find this attribute fundamental to their playing. Traditionally PRS favoured a mahogany neck on their guitars, much like Gibson, but now with the return of the CE fans of the maple neck have something specifically for them!

The neck also sports a “pattern thin” carve giving it a very comfortable feel, aided by the satin nitro finish which makes this one of the smoothest necks to play, and the addition of the now-iconic bird inlays really finishes off the aesthetic.

Product Spotlight: PRS CE24

Positive Body Image
The CE24 pairs a mahogany back with a rather impressive flame maple top, a combination as old as time and one that harkens back to the Les Paul’s of yesteryear. This mighty tonal sandwich of woods helps create a powerful, guttural sound that will be sure to cut through any mix!

The sleek and natural curves on these guitars really must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. From the natural golden hue of the maple top shimmering on the edge of the instrument like a sort of pseudo-binding, to the clear volume and tone control knobs, this guitar oozes class and style.

CE24 features the PRS 85/15 pickups, which Paul designed himself to have extraordinary clarity as well as an extended high and low end. These are an incredibly balanced sounding set of pick-ups, capable of delivering anything from face-melting high gain rock to soft, angelic clean tones. The electronics consist of volume, push/pull tone control with a 3-way toggle switch for a total of six sublime sounds.

So there you have it, a guitar that really is more than the sum of its considerable parts. A guitar that somehow does sound as good as it looks, and one that plays like an absolute dream! I implore you to pop in and try one of these out for yourself. Whether you are a maple neck fan looking to get into PRS, a PRS owner looking for something different or even just someone who wants a well made, exceptional sounding work of art, you’d have to be made of stone not to pick one up and fall in love.