Six Reasons to Join the Musicians’ Union, Today!

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is a UK wide, 31,000 member strong – and growing – union for musicians from across the industry. From DJs to orchestra members, music teachers and rock stars, being a member of the MU has benefits for everyone.

But if you’re not a member yet, here are six excellent reasons to join – today! (aside from the 10% off accessories at all Kenny’s Music stores, of course..)

1 – Get protected
When you join the MU, you’ll get £10 million Public Liability Insurance. That’s enough to relieve most people’s insurance worries.

Plus £2000 instrument & equipment insurance, Personal Accident Cover, and Professional Expenses Cover to help you if HMRC have questions about your taxes.

There’s also Professional Indemnity Insurance – useful if you do any teaching.

2 – Recover unpaid fees
Chasing up unpaid fees takes up valuable time. But the MU can do that for you.

As an MU member, you can contact your local MU team who will help you get the money you’re owed.

Last year alone, they helped members get over £90,000 in unpaid fees.

3 – Sign the right contracts
Have you been given a contract that you’re not sure about?

The MU’s Contract Advisory Service can help. Expert solicitors will check if the contract works for you, help you navigate negotiations and get a fair deal.

And you can use it for every new contract you get – helping you protect yourself at every stage of your career.

4 – Learn more, for free
Just starting out in your career, or looking to develop in a new direction?

The MU holds regular workshops, seminars and training events on musician-specific topics ranging from filling out your tax return to learning Feldenkrais for better bodily awareness.

Members can also claim discounted access to festivals and conferences across the country.

5 – Protect the future of music
Becoming a member of the MU means you’re joining a community that campaigns to protect musicians’ rights and build a fairer music industry.

Current big issues for the music industry include working towards equal access to music for children from all backgrounds, protecting independent venues from closure and uncertainty around Brexit and what that means for musicians working in the EU.

6 – You can join now and pay just £1 for your first six months
Join the MU now for £1 and get your first six months for free. You’ll have access to the full range of benefits, so you can see for yourself why membership is worth it.