Takamine GN11 UK Exclusive Acoustics

Kenny's Music are delighted to announce we have added two GN11 NEX Acoustic guitars to our range of Takamine guitars. These guitars are exclusively available in the UK and well worth a look!

Takamine GN11M-NS NEX Acoustic Guitar

Firstly, we have the Takamine GN11M-NS NEX Acoustic guitar; a straigthforward, purely acoustic guitar with no cutaways.

Takamine GN11MCE-NS NEX Electro Acoustic Guitar

We also have the Takamine GN11MCE-NS NEX Electro acoustic guitar; which features an single cutaway and the Takamine TP-4T EQ system.

The GN11 NEX Series

These guitars both feature Takamines original NEX body. Essentially, this is a jumbo acoustic body shape, scaled down to a more maneagable size. The NEX has a silky balance to the tone that supports vocals beautifully.The guitars are also both made of mahogany, giving them a distinctive look and naturally beautiful tone.
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