Top Christmas Gifts for Guitarists 2020

If you need to buy a gift for a guitarist, count yourself lucky: such is their obsession, basically anything that has anything to do with a guitar will be well-received. However, if you’d like to put a little more thought into just throwing a dart at our website to see where it lands (top tip: don’t do that), then have a look at the selection of ideas we’ve listed below, all surefire winners for that needy guitarist in your life:

KORG PitchCrow Tuners £12.99 (range of colours available)
A tuner is an essential part of a guitarist’s arsenal and, though several tuning apps are available, they’re not as accurate as a dedicated unit. Korg’s PitchCrow series come in a range of colours and they clip onto the headstock of the guitar so they’re always to hand. Oh, and they fit in a stocking!

Fender Deluxe Tweed Instrument Cable £16.49 (also available in black tweed)
When someone buys a new guitar, often they’ll opt for the cheapest cable around (fair enough – they’ve just spent a load of money on a guitar!). However, a decent quality cable like this deluxe braided one from Fender will last a whole lot longer and is just generally nicer to have around the house.

Blackstar Debut Amps £59 for 10 watt (quieter) and £75 for 15 watt (louder) models
Blackstar are a British amplifier company who’ve taken the music world by storm over the past decade. Their Debut amps are a cost effective way of getting your (or your giftee’s) hands on their clever technology, which in this case includes their Patented “ISF” tone control (which gives the amp a wide range of sounds) and a tape delay effect to add space and spaciness.

Yamaha Guitalele £75
Even if your giftee already has a guitar, they may well love to receive a Yamaha Guitalele as it’s a completely unique instrument – it plays like a guitar (so no new chords to learn) but sounds like a ukulele. What’s more, it’s super portable so great for camping or beach trips (though regrettably not quite small enough to fit in a stocking…).

Brunswick 12-String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar £99
Another great gift for a guitarist who already has a guitar: this 12-string guitar from Brunswick offers a fundamentally different sound to a standard 6-string guitar, with a whole new tonal pallet that can inspire a very different playing style (think Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here).

Blackstar ID:CORE v2 Guitar Amp £115
If you’re looking to buy them a practice amp but want something a little more sophisticated than the Debut mentioned earlier, Blackstar’s ID:CORE amps are a good bet: more tones and effects, and a “super wide” stereo sound.

Cort AD-Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag £119
Ideal for kids aged 9-12 or those looking for a more portable guitar, Cort’s AD Mini offers solid performance and comes with a gig bag for taking to and from lessons / gigs at Wembley Stadium.

Cort X100 Open Pore Electric Guitar From £149
Cort’s X100 electric guitars offer slick and fast playability at a fraction of the price of the same guitar from a major brand (and, by the way, Cort build a load of the guitars from the major brands…)

BOSS RC5 Looper Pedal £175
Looper pedals have been made famous by the likes of Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, but they’re not just a gimmick: they basically allow you to jam with yourself by layering multiple chords and melodies on top of each other.

Squier Strat Pack 10G £189
This pack includes everything you need to get started playing electric guitar: an amp, a gig bag, a strap, a cable, and plectrums. Oh, and a great Squier Stratocaster electric guitar, built by Fender, of course!

BOSS Katana 50 mk2 £219
Boss’ Katana amps are our top selling amps for good reason: they sound awesome and are incredibly versatile, with masses of different sounds and effects built in. The 50-watt model is easily loud enough to “entertain” the neighbours for hours on end.

These are just some ideas, but we’ve got masses of other products on our website with loads of new stock arriving every day, so be sure to check back regularly.

Alternatively, if you still can’t decide what to get them, you can always buy them a Kenny’s Music Gift Voucher and let them make their own decision 🙂