Want to be louder? You need to buy these speakers.

We don’t normally do the hard sell; a good music shop nowadays is all about making you feel welcome and letting you get on with trying out the gear in a comfortable environment. Our aim is to provide you with such music shops.

But today, we’re going to make an exception. Why? Because Kenny’s been doing what he does best - haggling with suppliers - and has secured an amazing exclusive deal and the deal is on PA speakers, which - though essential - are basically quite boring, and we couldn’t think of any other way to explain why this is such a very good deal indeed.

So, what are these magical speakers of which we speak?

Behold: the Yamaha DSR115:

Want to be louder? You need to buy these speakers.

Yamaha have been known for their PA speakers for a long time, but with the release of their original DXR and DSR series back in 2012, things really stepped up a notch.

Why? Because they sound so damned good.

The DSR series are the top of the range, with the newer DBR being at the budget end and the DXR bringing up the mid-range (price-wise, not EQ-wise!).

The DSR115s are relatively lightweight (note the “relatively”; they’re 28kg) powered boxes that deliver incredibly high-resolution sound through their 15” 2-way loudspeaker design. And not only do they sound awesome, but they pack a serious punch: achieving a 136dB peak SPL output, with plenty of bass. This makes them ideal for crowds of up to 300 people, and would make an amazing set of speakers for a live venue, a DJ, a full band line-up, or indeed a really good party> in your front room (don’t forget to invite the neighbours…).

Spec-wise, the Yamaha DSR115s feature ultra-precise 48-bit digital processing (which explains the astounding clarity we mentioned earlier), and in-built multi band dynamic processing. Inputs are on either XLR or quarter inch jack connectors and they can be mounted on most standard PA speaker stands.

The best bit is that we’re selling these speakers at a one-off price that puts them in a price bracket normally occupied by speakers that are half as good. With an RRP of £1,215 per speaker and a standard “street” price of around £900, you can get these noisy beauties from Kenny’s Music for only £699 each (or a paltry £1463 as a pair with stands and cables).

***Hard sell alert!***
This is a strictly limited offer (i.e. we’ve managed to get one consignment in at this price and they’ll go quickly), so if you’ve been considering investing in a new PA for your band, your venue, or your front room, now is the time to take the plunge, my friend.

We should also note that we have a similarly the-manager’s-gone-mad-really-we-need-to-talk-about-his-mental-health deal on the DSR112s. These are a similar speaker but with a smaller 12” cone, meaning they won’t pump out quite as much bass, but are just as loud on the mid- high-range. This makes them ideal for singer/songwriters, solo artists, pubs etc. We’re selling these for £649 (original price £941).

Don’t believe us? Here are some choice quotes from user reviews of the speakers we’ve found around the web:

“I can't say enough about these speakers...just AMAZING!!!”

“Some of the cleanest boxes I have heard in a long time.”

“This is the best investment I ever made. Highly recommended. Had the best sound of the parade and put the other floats to sham. Still getting calls on how clear the sound was.”

“There is no other word to describe these small speakers but AWESOME!”

“I was blown away by how pure, and clean this cabinet sounded. It was very warm, and crisp, exactly what I was hoping.”

“Absolutely great sounding, rich, super tight, and very pleasant.”

“Fantastic speakers… Really powerful and smooth. The larger horn makes a huge difference for vocals and mids. Clarity is excellent. Right up there with the best from JBL, EV, QSC.”

‘Yamaha really blew me away with these.”

Anyway, you get the idea… so quick! Buy ‘em now!

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