What's On In Glasgow 31/05/19

We've compiled a selection of live music happening in Glasgow city centre, over the next week.

Friday 31/05/19

Audio - She Made Me Do It with support from the Jan Doyle Band (8pm)
Cathouse - AC/DC UK (7pm)
Stereo - The Treatment: Power Crazy Tour with support from Bigfoot (7pm)
King Tuts - Mesmerene with support from Canary Gold and Bethany Ferrie (8.30pm)
13th Note - Deter with support from Dead Coyotes, Sheer and Speak Easy Circus (7.30pm)
Broadcast - Anemone with support from Corridor and Faiides (7pm)
Nice N Sleazy - The Low Hanging Fruits (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Blind Lemon Gators (11pm)

Saturday 01/06/19

Ivory Blacks - Seraph Sin with support from Sundrown, Devil's Queen and Deluded Buddhas (7pm)
Stereo - The Moody Chants with support from Lucid Hound, Crown State and St.Clements (6.45pm)
13th Note - Seprona with support from Rolland Square, The Deep Shining Sea and Supercloud (8pm)
Broadcast - The Moods with support from Busker Rhymes and Mother Focus (7pm)
Nice N Sleazy - NANI∞GURU with support from 20 GUILDERS and Pefkin (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Hugh Kearns (6pm)

Sunday 02/06/19

Broadcast - Legendary Shack Shaker with support from Adrian & Meredith and The Media Whores (7pm)
Nice N Sleazy - Tiny Gig for Scott Hutchison feat A. Maxwell, Chloe Robertson, Man of the Minch, Deep Sea Tourist and Barry Davy O' Lingirt (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Killing Floor: Open Blues Jam Night (9pm)

Monday 03/06/19

13th Note - Savage Dink with support from Everyday Pharoahs, IDKID and Drainpipe (7.30pm)
Broadcast - Maisha with support from AKU feat. Fergus McCreadie (7pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Stuart Neil (11pm)

Tuesday 04/06/19

King Tuts - Methyl Ethel (8.30pm)
Broadcast - Witching Waves with support from Marble Gods and Current Affairs (7pm)
Nice N Sleazy - St.Martiins with support from Swim School and Lewis Ross (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Jamie Martin (11pm)

Wednesday 05/06/19

Nice N Sleazy - Kenneth Noah Blair with support from The Well Drinkers & Tim and Julen of Awkward Family Portraits (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - The Easy Winners (11pm)

Thursday 06/06/19

13th Note - From Inside with support from Forrest Can't Run, Defector and Misplaced (7pm)
Broadcast - Bad Hombres with support from Two Tone Television (7pm)
Nice N Sleazy - St Mungo w/Band with support from Lost Thoughts (7.30pm)
Howlin' Wolf - Kent DuChaine (11pm)
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