Yamaha Clavinova CLP-700 Range Overview 2022

It’s widely known that Yamaha Clavinovas are exceptional digital pianos, common as they are in living rooms and classrooms around the world, but buying one can be a little confusing given all the model numbers.

In this post, I’ll try to clarify what’s great about the most recent CLP-700 range and explain the differences between each of the pianos in the series so you can make an informed decision about which one is for you.

The new CLP-700 range

The Clavinova CLP-700 pianos were first announced in July 2020 and comprise the CLP725, CLP735, CLP745, CLP775 and CLP785 (for the purposes of this post we will only cover the upright models, not the CLP-765GP and CLP-795GP grands).

On a very simplistic level, the higher the number, the better the piano (the CLP-725 is the cheapest upright with the fewest features, and the CLP-785 is the most expensive with the most / best features).

As you step up the range, better specification and more features are added.

CLP-700 Common Features

Before we get into the differences between the models, the following features are common to all the pianos:

  • Yamaha CFX & Bosendorfer Imperial Samples: All of the pianos feature sounds recorded from these two high-end acoustic pianos.
  • Improved Virtual Resonance Modelling: “Virtual Resonance Modelling” or VRM is the technology Yamaha have developed to mimic the damper and string sounds of acoustic pianos. With the CLP-700 series, this is more convincing than it ever has been.
  • Grand Expression Modelling: This is where the nuances of your fingers’ touch are converted into sound in as accurate and responsive way as possible.
  • Dual / Duo Modes: Dual mode means you can play two different sounds at once (e.g. bass on the left hand and piano on the right), while Duo mode means you can split the keyboard into two halves playing the same octaves – ideal for piano lessons.
  • Dual / Duo Modes: Dual mode means you can play two different sounds at once (e.g. bass on the left hand and piano on the right), while Duo mode means you can split the keyboard into two halves playing the same octaves – ideal for piano lessons.
  • USB-to-Host Connectivity: This allows you to connect to a computer for controlling software instruments.
  • Dual Headphone Jacks: This means you can plug two sets of headphones in at the same time – great for playing together in silence.

  • Yamaha CLP-700 Series Comparison

    All of this technology goes towards making every single instrument in the CLP-700 range feel and sound great, but what are the differences? Below we’ll show you how the pianos progress as you move up the range…

    The Difference Between the CLP-725 and CLP-735

    • Louder Speakers: The CLP725 has two 20 watt amps and two 12cm speakers, while the CLP735 has 30 watt amps and 16cm speakers, meaning it can go louder.
    • More Voices: If you’re just looking for piano sounds, the CLP725 is great, offering as it does a total of 10 different voices, but when you move up to the CLP735 you get a total of 38 voices, including organs, strings and bass sounds.
    • Fortepiano Voices: Fortepianos were the precursors of the pianos we know and love today and all CLP-700 pianos feature at least one, enabling you to sound as close to what e.g. Mozart or Chopin would have sounded as possible! The CLP735 has two fortepiano voice, while the CLP725 has none.
    • More Samples: The CLP735 has samples (recordings) from both a Bosendorfer grand and Yamaha’s CFX acoustic grand. The CLP725 only has the Yamaha samples.
    • LCD Screen: The CLP735 introduces a 128×64 resolution LCD Screen, making it easier to tweak internal features of the piano.
    • More Digital Effects: The CLP725 only has a reverb effect (to mimic the sound of a large room), while the CLP735 model and above have a range of effects, including chorus and brilliance to give you more sonic versatility.

    The Difference Between the CLP-735 and CLP-745

    • Louder Speakers: The CLP745 has four separate speakers, two 16cm ones and two 8cm ones. It also has louder 50 watt amps. All this combined means the piano is capable of going louder but also has a more genuine sound, as the sound comes from more places at once like an acoustic piano.
    • Better Keyboard: The white keys on the CLP745 use real wood, giving a more authentic feel to the keyboard.
    • Bluetooth Compatibility: The CLP745 introduces Bluetooth compatibility, meaning you can stream music from devices like phones and iPads straight into the piano, effectively turning it into a huge hifi system! You can also use Bluetooth for MIDI, controlling software on your devices.

    The Difference Between the CLP-745 and CLP-775

    After the CLP745, the series jumps up to the CLP775. Here’s what Yamaha have introduced in the 775:

    • Louder Speakers: Once again, the model change means louder, clearer and better-spaced speakers.The CLP775 has six amplifiers powering six speakers, so the sound is distributed all over the piano (much like an acoustic piano, where the sound is distributed throughout).
    • Better Keyboard: The CLP775 uses the top-of-the-range GrandTouch keyboard, as opposed to the GrandTouch-S keyboard used in the cheaper models. It also has “Linear Graded Hammers” meaning the weight changes naturally as you move up and down the keyboard. These features combined ultimately mean unsurpassed authenticity and feel.
    • Touch Sensor Control Panel: This is a nifty feature whereby the screen that displays the current sound and the controls “disappears” when not in use so you wouldn’t even know it was a digital piano!

    The Difference Between the CLP-775 and CLP-785

    • Louder Speakers: The flagship model in the Clavinova CLP-700 upright range, the CLP-785 has size 50 watt speakers and the most sophisticated amplification system of all the models. This means it can fill a large room with crystal-clear sound.
    • More Voices: As well as 53 voices and 14 drum kits, the CLP-785 has a whole Yamaha XG sound set built in – that’s an extra 480 sounds! This means it can go far beyond being a piano to becoming a complete music composition hub.
    • Counterweight Keys: The CLP-785 features carefully adjusted counterweights on the keys for improved playability when playing pianissimo with a light touch, and better key return in rapid passages.
    • More Songs: With 25 demo songs, 50 piano pieces, and 303 lessons built in, the CLP-785 has enough music to entertain a roomful of people for an evening!

    CLP-700 Series Comparison Chart

    Not quite clear enough for you? We’ve put together this chart to highlight (in yellow) the improvements as you step up the range:


    Yamaha’s Clavinovas have always been popular pianos, but with the CLP700 series they’ve not rested on their laurels. They’ve really made the most of the latest technology to offer world-beating sound quality, expressivity and features.

    If you’re interested in purchasing one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Kenny’s Music and we’ll make sure you get not only the best price but the best service! If you’re within 30 miles of any of our stores, we’ll even deliver and build the piano for free, saving you time and hassle.

    Browse and buy the full Clavinova CLP700 Range here

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