The Yamaha SessionCake, What is it?


Michael Carey

No. Seriously, what is it? With a name like that it could be anything from a kettlebell to a cupcake. Allow me to clarify...

So, What Does It Do?
At its core it is a battery powered headphone amplifier. Plug your guitar or bass into one end, plug your headphones into the other, twiddle a few knobs and what you have is silent practice. Not bad, eh? But actually, it does a hell of a lot more than that!

Let me paint you a word picture: the band needs to get that new song finished, but you can't think straight in the rehearsal room. It's too loud. You can't hear yourself over the drumkit, and he's doing that thing where he waits for you to start speaking and then hits the snare because... well, he’s a drummer. Also, if you accidentally rhyme the word "mad" with "sad" one more time, you're going to snap your guitar in half.

Well, the SessionCake might be just the thing you need! Up to 8 of these little boxes can be linked together, so you can have a fully fledged practice in your living room, without the downstairs neighbours calling the police*.

*Assuming of course the drummer has an electric kit... and you're not a Ska band... it can't turn down brass.

Nice. What Else?
... I hear you ask. Well, tons in fact. You can plug in a phone, mp3 player (if you happen to somehow be reading this from pre 2010) or laptop and jam along to your own music, or music apps. If you happen to have an iOS device, the SessionCake can be controlled via an app to add effects to your instrument’s sound, and can even be used to record directly onto the device as a sort of preamp.

What’s the difference between the Red and Blue models?
I'm glad you asked, because there are a couple of big differences. If you only intend to use the SessionCake for guitars or basses, the red guy is the Cake for you. This has a standard jack in, auxiliary in, and allows you to hook up to other units for full band sessions.
If you want to add vocals or need an XLR input, you need the blue. Also for keys, electric drum kits, or anything else that you really want to hear in stereo, you're looking at the Blue SessionCake.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Well... we are currently selling them both for £9.99 (the RRP is £124), so there is that.

The SessionCake! Is there anything it can't do?
Not much, just don’t eat it...

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