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Have you got a guitar hanging around that you never play? Do you have a secret stash of boutique guitar pedals that you’d like to turn into cash? Did you buy a piano a year ago and only just realise that your destiny is to be a drummer?

If so, get in touch!

We’re interested in buying all sorts of musical instruments and can either trade your old instruments in for new gear or for cash.

Interested? Check out the FAQs, fill in the form lower down the page, and we’ll take it from there!


How does it work?

We can process your trade-in or sale in store or online:

In store: First, fill in the form lower down this page so that we can give you a guide valuation. If you’re happy with the valuation, just come into one of our stores with your equipment and we will give you a final trade-in or purchase value. If you’re happy with that, we will either discount the price of the product you’re trading in for, or pay you direct. If you want to be paid direct, you will need to bring in two forms of ID (see below).

Online: If you’d like a valuation online, simply fill in the form below, giving as much info as possible. We will get back to you with a guide valuation and, if you’re happy with that, we will give you an address to ship your equipment to us.

How much will I get for my gear?

This obviously depends on what it is you’re selling, but to give you a guide, we will first decide what price we think we can sell the gear for, and then we will offer you a price at least 30% below that, depending on desirability and various other factors. Sadly the sentimental value to you does not come into the equation!

Why don’t you give me the full second-hand price?

We’re a retailer; we invest in skilled staff and beautiful stores, need to pay VAT, as well as offering set-ups and warranties, so we need to make a profit on anything we sell.

How do you decide what price to sell my gear for?

We’ve been buying and selling musical equipment for years, so we have a pretty good idea of what our customers will want to pay for something. We’ll also use second-hand sites such as eBay to estimate a sale price, and we’ll take into account the product’s age, our current stock levels, market conditions and general trends.

Wouldn’t I be better off selling through eBay or Gumtree?

Quite possibly you would get a better price selling privately as you are effectively “cutting out the middle-man”. However, it may take longer to sell your equipment and often a lot of extra work will be generated responding to detailed enquiries, dealing with any issues, or processing returns.

How do I get paid?

For legal reasons, we will require two forms of identification - one photographic (such as a passport, student ID or driving license) and one showing your name and current address (such as a utility bill or bank statement). We will pay you either via PayPal or via secure bank transfer to an account of your choice. Payments will be settled within three working days.

How do I get the gear to you?

The easiest way is to drop by one of our stores, but if this is not convenient, you can courier the product to us at our Glasgow store. Make sure to pack your item securely as we are unable to accept responsibility for it until it has arrived safely with us. Please do not ship anything to us until you have filled in the form and are happy with the guide valuation we offer you. Note that if the product arrives with us and is not as described, we may offer a lower price and - if you are not happy with this price - you will be liable for the costs of collecting it.